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API Docs https://github.com/hypercore-protocol/hypercore
Depends On random-access-storage
Used By corestore, hyperbee, hyperdrive, hyperspace

The centerpiece of our ecosystem is Hypercore, a secure append-only log data structure. One can think of a Hypercore as a “personal blockchain”, a self-owned list of binary blocks with an immutable history, secured by cryptographic proofs.

var hypercore = require('hypercore')
var feed = new Hypercore('./my-first-dataset', {valueEncoding: 'utf-8'})

feed.append('world', function (err) {
if (err) throw err
feed.get(0, console.log) // prints hello
feed.get(1, console.log) // prints world

Having an immutable history means one can always “check out” the state of a Hypercore at any previous point in time (e.g. when it had a length of 15).

Hypercores can be stored in a variety of different storage backends, so long as they adhere to the random-access-storage pattern. There are random-access-* modules for local disk, memory-only, IndexedDB, S3, and more.