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API Docs https://github.com/hypercore-protocol/hyperspace-client#remote-networker

The API for the Hyperspace daemon "corestore networker."

const { Client: HyperspaceClient } = require('@hyperspace')

const client = new HyperspaceClient() // connect to the Hyperspace server
await client.ready() // wait for .peers to be populated

// get current peers

// log peer events
client.networker.on('peer-add', peer => {
console.log('New peer:', peer)
client.networker.on('peer-remove', peer => {
console.log('Peer disconnected:', peer)

// seed `myHypercore`
await client.networker.configure(myHypercore, {announce: true, lookup: true})
// ...which is equiv to:
await client.replicate(myHypercore)