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API Docs https://github.com/hypercore-protocol/hyperspace-client#remote-hypercore

The API for Hyperspace daemon hypercores. Mirrors the hypercore module.

const { Client: HyperspaceClient } = require('@hyperspace')

const client = new HyperspaceClient() // connect to the Hyperspace server

// use corestore to instantiate a RemoteHypercore
const core = client.corestore().get(key)
client.replicate(core) // also put the core on the network

await core.ready() // wait for some keys to be populated
console.log(core.key) // the core's public key
console.log(core.discoveryKey) // the core's discovery key
console.log(core.writable) // do we possess the private key?
console.log(core.peers) // currently connected peers

console.log(await core.has(0)) // do we have block 0?
console.log(await core.get(0)) // get block 0
await core.download(0, 4) // download the first 5 blocks
await core.append(new Buffer([1,2,3,4])) // append a new block

core.on('peer-add', peer => console.log('new peer', peer))
core.on('peer-remove', peer => console.log('peer disconnected', peer))
core.on('append', () => console.log('new block added'))
core.on('download', (seq, data) => console.log(data.byteLength, 'bytes downloaded'))
core.on('upload', (seq, data) => console.log(data.byteLength, 'bytes uploaded'))