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Sharing Folders

Hyp's main use-case is sharing folders using something called a "Hyperdrive."

"Hyperdrives" are peer-to-peer folders which you can "seed" from one or more device. Think of them as virtual networked folders, similar to Torrents. Hyp gives you convenient tools for creating, syncing, and seeding hyperdrives.

The simplest way to create a hyperdrive is by "syncing" one from a folder:

hyp sync ./input-folder

The sync command will output the URL of your new hyperdrive, and it will now contain your folder's files.

You can then sync the hyperdrive to another device using the same command:

hyp sync hyper://1234…af ./output-folder

Where hyper://1234…af is your hyperdrive's URL.

If you want to update your hyperdrive, resync it with the input folder by running the command again, this time with the URL as the target:

hyp sync ./input-folder hyper://1234…af

Relevant commands: