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hyp beam

Send a stream of data over the network.

hyp beam [passphrase]

The beam command is a general-purpose tool for sending data over the network according to a secret passphrase. You choose a phrase (try to make it hard-ish to guess!) and then share the phrase with your recipient. The phrase is only good for 30-60 minutes.

On the sending device:

cat hello.txt | hyp beam "for bob roberts"

On the receiving device:

hyp beam "for bob roberts" > ./hello.txt

This can be really useful for sharing hyper keys between devices. For instance:

> hyp sync ./my-folder
Creating new hyperdrive...
Source: my-folder/
Target: hyper://f7145e1bbc0d17705861e996b47422e0ca50a80db9441249bd721ff426b79f2a/
Begin sync? [y/N] y
> echo "hyper://f7145e1bbc0d17705861e996b47422e0ca50a80db9441249bd721ff426b79f2a/" \
| hyp beam "nobody can guess"