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Getting Started Guide

The Hypercore Protocol is inspired by BitTorrent. It creates networked datasets which users can seed in a distributed mesh. It also includes a variety of tools for connecting devices, streaming data, and running services.

To get started, choose how you want to use Hypercore:

Hyperspace is a batteries-included daemon that bundles together many of our core modules, handling many low-level details for you. 99% of the time, it's what you'll want to use.

Standalone modules afford you the ability to tweak and customize, gradually honing in on the right set of components and configurations for your use-case. This is slightly more advanced, but may fit your needs more closely depending on what you're building.

Architectural Overview

The Hypercore Protocol is designed with flexibility and modularity in mind. The modules can be viewed as "Lego blocks" for building P2P applications: you're free to pick and choose the tools you need.


To start working with higher-level data structures:

To learn how to use the low-level modules on their own: