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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "seeding"?

"Seeding" is hosting a dataset using Hypercore. Anybody can seed a dataset — not just the original author. The more seeders are online, the faster a drive will download.

How do I keep my data online?

Currently you need to seed any datasets you want to keep online. Other people can help you seed but they may stop at any time.

More tools should be built soon to help you keep your data online.

Can I edit a Hyperdrive from multiple computers?

Currently Hyperdrives can only be edited by the computer that first created them. There are protocol updates being developed which will enable "multi-device" editing.

How do I backup my hyperdrive keys?

There are not any key backup processes yet, but we're making updates to the Hypercore Protocol constantly so check back soon.

How private is Hypercore Protocol?

Hypercore URLs work like a "share URL" which you can generate in Google Docs. Only people who possess the URL can see the dataset's contents, even if they're watching the network.

If you're downloading or seeding a dataset on the Hypercore Protocol, your IP will be made publicly visible to other people on the network. They won't know what the data is unless they have its URL, but they can see the other IPs seeding and downloading.

Do I risk getting hacked by sharing a folder?

This question comes up often because people think of Hypercore like running a server on your computer and hosting a folder. The concern is that somebody could access more than the folder you're sharing.

This should not be a concern. Hypercore doesn't serve files directly from your filesystem. Instead, it copies all shared data into an internal database and then exchanges data-blocks using a very constrained protocol.

We work pretty hard to make sure Hypercore is secure!

Who is behind the Hypercore Protocol?

Hypercore was first created by Mathias "Mafintosh" Buus. He leads core development along with Paul Frazee and Andrew Osheroff.

What is the relationship with the "Dat Protocol"?

Hypercore's modules were first developed as part of a larger project called Dat led by the Code for Science and Society non-profit. In 2020, Hypercore left CS&S and became an independent project.

How can I help support the Hypercore Protocol?

We have a Patreon where contributions are greatly appreciated!