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Example Code

Here are some examples to get you started with building on Hypercore Protocol.

Common Boilerplate

The examples use this common boilerplate to set up the Hyperspace Daemon connection:
import {
  Client as HyperspaceClient,
  Server as HyperspaceServer
} from 'hyperspace'

async function main () {
  // Setup the Hyperspace Daemon connection
  // =
  const {client, cleanup} = await setupHyperspace()
  console.log('Hyperspace daemon connected, status:')
  console.log(await client.status())


  await cleanup()

async function setupHyperspace () {
  let client
  let server
  try {
    client = new HyperspaceClient()
    await client.ready()
  } catch (e) {
    // no daemon, start it in-process
    server = new HyperspaceServer()
    await server.ready()
    client = new HyperspaceClient()
    await client.ready()
  return {
    async cleanup () {
      await client.close()
      if (server) {
        console.log('Shutting down Hyperspace, this may take a few seconds...')
        await server.stop()