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Hypercore Protocol

Peer-to-peer data sharing

A world of distributed data structures

Hypercore Protocol is a peer-to-peer data network built on the Hypercore logs. Hypercores are signed, append-only logs. They're like lightweight blockchains without the consensus algorithm. As with BitTorrent, as more people "seed" a dataset it will increase the available bandwidth.


Peer-to-peer file archives with a POSIX-like API.

const drive = new Hyperdrive(hyp.corestore())

await drive.promises.writeFile('/hello.txt', 'world')
await drive.promises.readdir('/') // => ['hello.txt']

hyp.replicate(drive.metadata) // seed on the network


Peer-to-peer key/value database built on distributed B-Trees.

const db = new Hyperbee(hyp.corestore().get())

await db.put('key', 'value')
await db.get('key') // { key: 'key', value: 'value' }

db.createReadStream({ gt: 'a', lt: 'd' }) // anything >a and <d


Append-only logs for building a variety of data structures.

const feed = hyp.corestore().get()

await feed.append('hello')
await feed.append('world')

console.log(await feed.get(0)) // => 'hello'
console.log(await feed.get(1)) // => 'world'

Automatic connectivity

The Hyperswarm DHT arranges connections between devices using cryptographic-key addresses. Hole-punching included!

End-to-end privacy

Encrypted connections between devices ensure that users only share with the people they intend to reach.

Highly modular

Build on top of the batteries-included "Hyperspace" daemon or build with the individual modules as you need.

Start quickly with Hyp

The Hyp CLI makes it easy to manage Hypercore's daemon and work with datasets. Demo Video.

MIT Licensed

Hypercore Protocol is Free and Open-Source Software.